<h2>Rafailidis Zacharias</h2><p>Physiotherapist - 7, 1st Kolyndrou Overpass, Katerini</p> <h2>Rafailidis Zacharias </h2><p>Physiotherapist - 7, 1st Kolyndrou Overpass, Katerini</p> <h2>Rafailidis Zacharias </h2><p>Physiotherapist - 7, 1st Kolyndrou Overpass, Katerini</p>
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Active Therapy Movement {small}

The idea of ​​the ATM2 device has emerged from the clinical practice. The ATM2 approach is the natural continuation of recent advances in Manual Therapy, Special Kinesiotherapy and Pain Management.


Chiropractic {small}

According to the theory of chiropractic, the nervous system plays an important role in maintaining homeostasis and hence health.


Special Training {small}

Patients are treated with even more effective conditions such as scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis, neurological diseases, ergonomics at work.


Rehabilitation programs {small}

We undertake various incidents of any nature such as athletic injuries, arthroscopy, arthroplasty, fractures, anterior cruciate ligament plastic etc.

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Physiotherapy - Katerini Greece

At the ZachTherapy Physiotherapy Center in Katerini, every incident is treated with consistency, detail and professionalism. Through the combination of techniques and machinery, high rates of recovery are achieved, which are further increased through patient involvement and willingness, thereby achieving a better quality of life.


Human motion analysis • Chiropractic - Structural Osteopathy • Dry needle • Handles • Kinesiotherapy • Hang ons • Chirotherapy

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